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Now the domestic and foreign research on green laser cladding roughly from the following perspectives: one is to study the mechanism of green laser cladding; two is the study of laser cladding technology and microstructure; three is the application of laser cladding. The green laser cladding on all aspects of the research and development status were introduced then, the article points out the main problems and development direction in the future.Galvanized sheet is used green laser more common materials in manufacturing industry, galvanized steel to prevent corrosion of the steel surface to prolong its service life, green laser on the surface of the steel plate coated with a layer of metallic zinc. 

Mainly used in home appliances shell, civil chimney, kitchen utensils,green laser so this kind of material is suitable for the use of laser cutting machine.Green laser cutting machine has become the main means of modern metal processing enterprises, the use of green laser cutting is focused by a high power density laser beam to the workpiece, is rapidly melting, vaporization of the material irradiation, or ablation to achieve ignition at the same time with the high speed airflow and beam coaxial blowing green laser molten material, so as to realize the workpiece cut.Carbon dioxide green laser is a laser. The main material is carbon dioxide molecules. It can be expressed in a variety of energy states depending on its vibration and rotation form. The mixed green laser gas is shown in Figure 1 in the basic energy net carbon dioxide is a low-pressure gas caused by electronic release (usually 30-50 support) formation (electric plasma pulp). Such as Maxwell – Pohl Seidman distribution law said, in plasma, showing a variety of molecular excited state. Some will show a high green laser energy state (00o1) and its performance for asymmetric swing.The waste heat rejection mode has a great influence on the design of green laser system. In principle, there are two possible ways. The first way is the automatic processing of natural diffusion heat to tube wall based on the principle of operation is sealed and the slow axis flow green laser. second is based on air forced convection, the principle of operation is fast axial flow green laser. in general, there are five main types of carbon dioxide laser.This is for IPG is important because green laser only IPG have the high power fiber lasers. Similarly, we found that the pulse green laser marking and engraving OEM customers to purchase more high power, it also enhances our competitiveness from the use of.OEM output power of 2 kW green laser  to make use of 4 kW, 6 and kW 10 kW green laser  is a continuing trend in the fourth quarter. We also expect the 12 kW fiber laser can demand has increased significantly.Compared green laser  with the same period last year, widely used including automotive, aviation, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, railway, construction, heavy industry, green laser  battery welding and cladding applications continue to be IPG business highlights. 

Welding application of sustained growth is because our fiber lasers significantly better beam quality, green laser  faster welding speed the lower cost of equipment, and more suitable for the automation and process control.Change of green laser product design in strict accordance with the manufacturing of top international customer requirements, the experienced world-class green laser system integrators for up to six months of continuous testing, and compared with the international first-class green laser products. According to the feedback and suggestions of users, Huaray continuously improve the product, enhance the international competitiveness of products.Beam shaping not only allows users to create better products, green laser but also help them to effectively control some challenging applications. With the development of optical components and industrial laser processing, green laser beam shaping technique also allows the user to move forward in a very flexible way, by adjusting the beam shape to meet the the specific application needs. As the best condition optimization of material processing, in the past few years, TRUMPF has fully mastered the green laser formation of arbitrary beam on the workpiece, thereby improving material processing.In addition to adjust the beam intensity, but also can produce multiple spot. This method has certain cost advantages, because the technology of green laser products can use standard, which means that the green laser source can use standard (such as continuous conduction fiber laser) and standard, without any specific adjustment or modification.For cancer patients, cancer  green laser cells are not cleaned will relapse and metastasis and resection of left hidden trouble, healthy cells, nerve function and damage, green laser causing serious side effects. The next step, they will strive for the early clinical trials of laser detector, to help doctors to remove cancerous brain cells, but not the removal of the healthy cells blue laser pointer.Light is an electromagnetic wave green laser with peaks and troughs, all composed of a bunch of ordinary light laser has the same phase, so synchronous peak or trough to arrive. While bending beams of different, different light green laser waves having different phase, so it shows a spiral shape in the road, this kind of spiral curved beam and encryption almost no information transmission capacity constraints, communication become especially green laser suited for satellite communication.Also related research reports, tooth preparation green laser of erbium green laser and general dental turbine, green laser has no vibration, no preparation, no anesthetic or reducing the use of these advantages, can reduce the pain of patients, record the green laser tester of erbium green laser cavity preparation conditions using scanning electron microscope and the temperature is especially suitable for the Department of Stomatology treatment in children.Beloica and Al-Batayneh in vitro, the results show that the green laser can remove the tooth surface smear layer effectively, reduce crack.In the depth of dentinal green laser  tubules reduced bacteria were no statistically significant difference, but group A bacteria reduction rate green laser  in each layer were slightly higher than the C group, which may be related to the mode of action of Er:YAG green laser  in the A group, the green laser  irradiation can promote it to stir the sodium hypochlorite dentinal tubules penetrate into deep, deep to kill that sweet Tian bacteria. The photoa coustic guided photon green laser .You’re wantonly trying to  get the green laser pilot to crash it and kill between 50-800 people. In my opinion, that sentence was a bit low. Attempted mass   homicide should get you  locked up for much longer. Because mass homicide is what you’re effectively trying to do when you point a green laser at an aircraft. You’re wantonly trying to get the pilot to crash it and kill between 50-800 people.